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About the Black Sea pages

What's it all about?
The Black Sea pages contain all one wishes to know about the Black Sea region focusing on News and Travel. The Black Sea pages provide a database platform on which people can share the latest news, travel tips and opinions on the countries and regions situated around the Black Sea.

The goal of the Black Sea pages is to make information about the Black Sea region easy accessible.

How did it start?
The Black Sea pages were set up in April 2002, originally for personal use only. As people started to show interest to the site, the pages expanded and articles where entered at a more regular basis.

Not only did the site attract more visitors, some of these visitors also started to help working on the Black Sea pages.

In July 2003 a new version of the Black Sea pages came online, improving the accessibility and the general look of the site.

A team of people now is involved in maintaining and further developing the Black Sea pages.

And who gets the money?
The Black Sea pages is a 100% non-profit initiative. None of the people working on the Black Sea pages are being paid in any way for their contribution. The Black Sea pages does not receive any money from any company or organisation and is not dependent in any way on another company or organisation.

The Black Sea pages supports open software standards and initiatives and the existence of the Black Sea pages is only possible because of the free hosting of (link) and the free power of PHP (link) and MySQL (link).

You want to know even more?
If you have any more questions, feel free to send an e-mail with these questions to When you feel the irresistible urge to join the team of the Black Sea pages, please use the link 'Join us' in the menu on the left of this page.
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