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Opposition wants to ignore suspicious Adjara results
November 5, 2003
Civil Georgia News

Written by Giorgi Sepashvili
Posted by HW on January 18, 2020

Opposition demanded on November 5 to cancel highly suspicious election results in Adjara Autonomous Republic and Kvemo Kartli, both the government-dominated provinces, where international, as well as local observers reported mass irregularities and ballot fraud on November 2 parliamentary elections.

Not recognize
"I set an ultimatum to the Central Election Commission [CEC] and the authorities not to recognize election results in Kvemo Kartli and Adjara, as the most irregularities, violations and ballot fraud were reported from these regions," Mikheil Saakashvili said, while addressing up to 6 thousand protesters gathered in front of the CEC, late on November 5 - the second day of mass protest rally demonstrating against the manipulation of election results.

International observers, including the OSCE monitors, condemned irregularities in the election process in the Adjara Autonomous Republic and Kvemo Kartli, where the observers were hindered to monitor November 2 parliamentary elections.
With more than two-third of votes counted, the CEC announced today that the pro-presidential bloc For New Georgia keeps narrow lead in the polls with 24,7%, while National Movement received 22%.

The National Movement, as well as the Burjanadze-Democrats accuses the authorities in manipulating election results. The opposition's accusations are based on results of parallel vote tabulation, conducted by the election watchdog International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, in which the National Movement leads the polls with 26,6%.
The opposition also protests against the delay of November 2 election results. The United States has also expressed concern over election irregularities and called for an honest, timely count of votes.
The opposition fears that the manipulated results of elections in Adjara and Kvemo Kartli region will significantly reduce the percentage rates of other parties, as no one daubs that the Revival Union, party led by the Adjarian leader Aslan Abashidze, would receive at least 90% of votes in highly suspicious elections in Adjara.

According to the unofficial reports Tbilisi-based influential tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili, who supports the Shevardnadze's party, visited recently Batumi, Adjarian capital. The report triggered speculations that the pro-presidential alliance and the Revival Union are in the political horse-trading over the Adjarian votes.

Adjar deadline
Deadline of submitting election results from the Adjara Autonomous Republic to the Central Election Commission expires at 6 pm on November 6. Adjara's up to 280,000 votes would shape final results of the crucial November 2 elections.

Security forces
Mikheil Saakashvili called for his supporters to gather in front of the CEC at 3:00 pm on November 7. By that time opposition will know whether its ultimatum over cancellation of results in Adjara and Kvemo Kartli, is met or not by the authorities. Thus the protest rallies are ceased in the capital city before November 7.
In the wake of the opposition's decision, to stop two-day long rallies temporarily, the units of the interior troops and the riot police started to leave the downtown Tbilisi. The security forces were on high alert during the recent days, as the authorities feared of destabilization. However the protest rallies was well-organized and there were no signs of unrest.
The police even stopped several buses heading to demonstrations in Tbilisi and prevented them from entering the city.
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