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Ukrainian new SNBO secretary's KGB past
September 3, 2003
Ukrayinska Pravda

Written by Volodymyr Malinkovych
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The appointment of Volodymyr Radchenko to the post of the secretary, i.e. de facto chief, of the Council for National Security and Defence of Ukraine, or SNBO, is an alarming event.

"Expanding powers"
It cannot be excluded at all that the Ukrainian authorities, like their Russian colleagues, who are shaping political regime, already widely referred to as "militiocratia," may decide to essentially expand the powers of the SNBO and transform it into a body for rigid control over all political and public life in the country.

It is very dangerous to the country, and the figure of the new SNBO chief should therefore be regarded with special attention, especially because it is the unwilling to quit President Leonid Kuchma who personally forms the Council and commissions its decisions. He may go to any length to retain power.

No clear biography
Vainly is one of the leaders of the Communists Heorhiy Kriuchkov trying to convince us that new the head SNBO is the person with the clear biography. I dare to say that it not so.

KGB past
The problem is not only that Volodymyr Radchenko have worked in the KGB in the 70-80-ies and defended the all-rotten pseudo-communist regime, actively bullying the dissidents. The dissidents, human rights advocates , who fought for democracy and freedom of Ukraine. Important thing is that he has used absolutely wrongful remedies, even from the point of view of the Soviet, completely inhumane, law.

Dirty methods
I shall remind: at the late seventies, Ukrainian KGB acquired international notoriety for especially dirty methods of persecution of dissident. The Ukrainian KGB style was based on shameless fabrication of criminal (instead of political!) cases against the dissidents, attempt, turning the people with the overdose of decency, honour and self-esteem into rapists, hooligans and drug addicts. Among the victims of Ukrainian KGB methods were Viacheslav Chornovil, Mykola Horbal, Yuriy Lytvyn, who died in the camps, and a lot of those of whom Ukraine is proud of today.

One of most cynical executors of the meanest KGB tasks was Volodymyr Radchenko. I know it from my own experience, and I know that there are quite a few respected people who fell victims of Radchenko's excessive diligence, and who may confirm my words.

Above the ministers
Radchenko's "vigorous activity" in the then KGB dissident directorate indirectly explains his skyrocketing career in the eighties .
In 1994, I have left the president's team after he appointed Volodymyr Radchenko interior minister. That's how Leonid Kuchma's presidency began. Now, when it is drawing to a close, Kuchma seats Radchenko above the power ministers, who are supposed to defend the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

Human rights
I believe I must remind that in the most intricate political situation of change of power one of major in country of structures has de facto headed, at Kuchma's will, by the person who was not above using fraud and provocations to defend totalitarian regime. There is no guaranty that he will respect human rights if he is ordered to defend the regime on the verge great collapse.

The author: Volodymyr Malinkovych, a political scientist, in the 60-70-ies - human rights activist
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