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Historical places in the Crimea
August 25, 2000
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Written by Natasha
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Western coast
Evpatoria and Saki are resorts on the western coast of the Crimea. Both are known for curative mud. Both have some history but tourism in a Western sense of this word has never been a priority there. Evpatoria is bigger in size than Saki. Both places are in the flat part of the Crimea where the winters could be rather harsh and summers hot.

Archeologic interest
There is nothing to offer in terms of scenery. It is an interesting site for archaelogists as some remnants of Greek and Roman colonization can be seen there. Evpatoria was also a religious centre for Karaites, a Turkic nation which accepted a form of Judaism as its religion. Karaites are dying out, and attempts are being made to preserve their rare culture.
For anyone who is interested in history these places are worth visiting. But there are no good tourist facilities there.

Both places are nothing like Yalta which has always been the resort for the privileged and boasts not only excellent climate and beautiful scenery but acceptable facilities. But even in Yalta the bathing season is over at the end of September. The very important factor in Yalta"s climate is the mountains which shield it from cold northern winds while Saki and Evpatoria have no protection like that.

Souteastern part
Regarding other interesting places in the Crimea I want to draw your attention to its southeastern part - to Sudak and Feodosiya. Sudak was the centre of the Genoese colony for centirues and still has majestic castles and fortifications. The scenery is breathtaking. Feodosia was one of the first Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast.

These places are steeped in history, picturesque and have a good climate. They were not available for foreigners in the past, thus you can not expect the same infrastructure as in Yalta. But in Soviet times they were flooded with tourists so certain facilities are available.

Other places
Close to Sudak and Feodosia are Novy Svet with famous champagne factory, Karadag, an extinct volcano, incredibly beautiful, Koktebel with some facilities for paragliders and once the shelter for Russian intellectual elite.

Another exciting part of the Crimea is the cave towns in the mountains. Look into the 1994 September issue of the National Geographic. There is an article on the Crimea there which would give you a better idea of places worth visiting there.
Karadag (Crimea (UA)) Mountain
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